Car Detailing West Ryde

Col's Car Detailing West Ryde

Having your car detailed professionally can come with many benefits.
Drivers that would like to keep their vehicles in tip top condition which will also help maintain the highest re-sale value may be interested in our range of detailing services.
Detailing is not just a profession, it's a passion and a lifestyle. Our Team is constantly researching to learn valuable knowledge through new products, tools, techniques and attending hands on training courses as the industry is always evolving. At Col's we strive to produce the highest standard of quality, from an entry level hand car wash or car interior detail to a ceramic coating after a full paint correction. Our Goal is to exceed your expectations and transform your car detailing experience into something memorable.

Our Detailing Service

Col's Body Shop is a certified installer developed and refined its ceramic formula, conducting independent research, development and testing to create a range of one-layer ceramic coatings that they are proud to say are among the most advanced in the industry. It can reduce the average installation time by up to 66% compared to other coatings resulting in a more efficient and faster application process. The coatings are some of the most advanced on the market, boasting outstanding protection performance, long-lasting durability, wet-looking gloss, slickness, hydrophobicity, and chemical resistance all from a single application.

Hand Polishing

We offer many vehicle polishing services and solutions. From a high-end paint correction, a general cut & buff, machine polish and general hand polish.

Some customers have a tendency to maintain their vehicles better than others, therefor their vehicles may not require labour intensive paintwork preparation and rejuvenation processes such as paint correction, meaning that a hand polish for maintenance and market value residual is more suitable for the vehicle.

Hand polishing offers entry level introduction to general consumers and car lovers for their vehicles, offering basic protection, paint shine and maintenance providing their vehicle meets such criteria where a hand polish will suffice.

Hand Washing

Here at Col's, we offer & perform detailed maintenance general washes ideal for regular car care. Popular with our regular clientele who prefer and entrust us with their vehicles regular car washing or as a continued upkeep after having Paint Correction or Paint Protection Coating service previously performed by us.

Our professional detailed maintenance washer are carried out with an eye to detail utilising adequate washing procedures, techniques & quality assured products to ensure quality workmanship and professionalism.

Leather Protection & Rejuvenation

A trip to the beach, weekend sport, extreme weather elements and improper maintenance are all things that can affect your vehicles leather. Regular cleaning and conditioning are often missed when looking at getting your car cleaned. Thanks to Col's it's now easier and more affordable to have clean leather.

a pre-washed and deep cleanse process are carried out to the leather interior to prepare for rejuvenation. Once the leather is cleansed it's treated with a leather conditioning cream and protectant designed to soften and revitalise the leather comfort feel.

This is performed as a stand-alone service or can be joined with other Col's detailing services.

Steam Cleaning

We are equipped with commercial portable upholstery cleaning equipment designed to deliver professional finishes used for a range of applications. Our upholstery shampoo and extraction machine allow deep cleaning of fabric seats, carpets, trims and lining removing stains, dirt and odours rom your vehicle. It can also be used for rain or stormwater flooded vehicles. Our hot vapour steam machine delivers pressurised steam that kills mould, dust mites and other harmful bacteria and allergens. With the recent Covid-19 outbreak our machine has been used extensively sanitizing vehicle interiors. It's an eco-friendly, safe and effective, piece of equipment.

Ceramic Coating

The best and most effective way to keep your vehicles paintwork looking like new is to add a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer sealant that chemically bonds to your vehicles factory paint creating a layer of protection from UV light and other contaminants.

Ceramic coatings create hydrophobic surface properties such as water sheeting and beading which help repel water, dust, dirt and other fallout substances allowing for easier paint surface cleaning. They also offer deeper intensified reflective paint gloss finish.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process of enhancing and restoring a vehicles paintwork by removing surface imperfections including superficial scratches, oxidation, discoloration, paint swirl marks & at times previous poor workmanship. The exterior paint is patiently worked by machine polishing and a comprehensive process is taken to ensure a complete professional finish.

At Col's eve we offer the latest equipment and knowledge to assist with your paint correction needs.

Headlight Restoration

Are your vehicles headlights looking aged, yellowed or hazy from years of UV rays? Is the cost of replacement headlights too expensive to make it worth your while? Are your headlights not as bright as they used to be potentially causing safety issues while driving at night and or low-visibility conditions. Headlight restoration is the process of refinishing aged headlight lenses that have been discoloured or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors such as road debris and exposure to caustic chemicals.

Signage Removal

Your car has served you and your business well for many years and its time to move on. Our team can remove all sign-writing and stickers from your vehicle and with machine buffing, polishing and paint correction depending on the state of the paint we can rejuvenate the exterior paintwork.

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